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Think you can make the world a more social place? Best idea gets $50K

Dell and the University of Texas at Austin will host the annual 2011 Dell Social Innovation Competition . The competition honors college students with new ideas to improve areas of critical human need.

Students can still enter up to Feb. 14, 2011. We would encourage you to share this with your readers. We’re looking for the brightest social entrepreneurs out there and we need your help! The Dell Social Innovation Competition is open to all college students who are excited about social issues and have a plan to make to a difference. Any significant social issue can be addressed. The contestant with the top idea will be awarded a $50,000 grand prize. Finalists will travel to Austin, TX to present their plans in person to a panel of judges.

For more details and to learn more about the Dell Social Innovation Competition, visit http://www.dellsocialinnovation.com, become a Facebook fan of the competition or follow us <http://twitter.com/dellsocialinnov

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Emotional mayor supports gay marriage resolution —-MY

Columbus mayor Jerry Sanders said he would sign a resolution supporting gay marriage in a press conference Tuesday.

Publicly, Sanders declared that he had planned to veto the resolution.

“My opinions on this issue have evolved significantly,” Sanders said. “I intended to veto the council on this resolution, as late as yesterday afternoon that was my position.”

Sanders, with his wife at his side, expressed how conflicted he was on whether to veto the resolution or not.

“My decision to veto this resolution would have been inconsistent with the values I’ve embraced over the last 30 years,” he said. “I do believe that times have changed and with changing times, and new life experiences, come different opinions.”

The mayor then spoke about the connections he has to the gay community. According to Sanders, his daughter, Lisa, is “a member of the gay community.”

He also said he has other close family members and friends who are also members of the gay community.

“I want for them the same thing that we all want for our loved ones, for each of them to find a mate whom they love deeply and who loves them back,” Sanders said. “Someone with whom they can grow old together and share life’s experiences.”

Before walking off the stage, Sanders compared the relationship between two gay people to the one with his wife, Rana.

“I want their relationships to be equally under the law,” Sanders said. “In the end, I couldn’t look any of them in the face and tell them that their relationship – their very lives – were any less meaningful than the marriage I share with my wife.”

Columbus Mayor retracts gay marriage stance

Mayor’s lesbian daughter impacts decision to stand behind gay marraige —–CB

Making an emotional prepared statement Tuesday afternoon, Columbus Mayor Jerry Sanders reversed his stance by signing a resolution signifying the cities’ support for gay marriage.

“I do believe the times have changed, and changing times and life experiences have differing opinions,” Sanders said with his wife Rana at his side.

While campaigning to become the mayor of Ohio’s capital city, Sanders’ stance on the issue originally supported civil unions and partnerships while denouncing gay marriage.

“I have personally wrestled with that decision ever since,” Sanders said.

Sanders, a Republican, originally opposed the state’s proposition to legalize gay marriage. But after reluctantly divulging his deliberation process, Sanders had a change of heart.

“As I reflected on the choices I had before me last night, I could not tell an entire group of a community they were less important or deserving than anyone else simply because of their sexual orientation,” Sanders said.

Sanders mentioned that he was influenced by the fact he has many gay community members in his inner circle, including his staff members and even his daughter, Lisa.

“I want for them, the same thing we all want for our loved ones,” he said. “The concept of separate but equal institution is not something I can support. I acknowledge that members of our community will agree or at least understand my decision today.”

The fallout from the announcement is unknown at this point.

Mayor Sanders delivers emotional speech supporting same-sex marriage

Mayor Sanders ‘follows his heart’ to supporting same-sex marriage——–SS

Struggling to find his words and pausing two times to collect himself, Columbus mayor Jerry Sanders said that he planned on signing a resolution supporting same-sex marriage, despite his former position opposing it.

During a press conference on Jan. 25, Sanders said that the issue affected his family due to his lesbian daughter, Lisa.

“I want for them the same thing we all want for our loved ones,” Sanders said. “For them to find a mate that they love, and who deeply loves them back.”

Sanders said that he had previously and publicly voiced that he would veto the resolution during his campaign and had announced supporting civil unions, but not same-sex marriage.

“I had wrestled with that position ever since,” he said. “I was forced to lead with my heart, as you can probably tell at the moment, and do what I think is right.”

Sanders said that he abruptly made the decision late last night.

He said that he could not support the idea of ‘separate, but equal,’ and based this off his value system.

“My decision to veto this resolution would be inconsistent with the values that I’ve embraced for 30 years,” Sanders said. “I have worked to bring enlightenment, equality and justice to our community.”

He said that he could not “tell an entire group of people that they were less important” than the rest of the community and he acknowledged that some Columbus natives were not going to be pleased with his decision.

“All I can offer them is that I’m trying to do what is right,” Sanders said.

Sanders recognized that his opinion has changed, but he said so have those of Americans as well.

“Times have changed and new opinions have formed,” he said. “My opinions have evolved significantly, as millions of opinions of Americans from all walks of life have.”

JS—-Columbus mayor Jerry Sanders emotionally announced Tuesday that he will sign a resolution to support gay marriage, despite previous public statements that he would oppose this resolution.

“The right thing for me to do is to sign this resolution,” Sanders said after pausing to collect himself.

Sanders, accompanied on stage by his wife Rana, admitted that his daughter Lisa, along with members of his personal staff are members of the gay community affected by this resolution.

He acknowledged that this decision contradicts his previous statements about this resolution and promises made during his campaign run. Sanders offered his tearful explanation to the citizens of Columbus in hopes of helping them accept his change of heart.

“I just could not bring myself to tell an entire group of people in our community they were less important, less worthy, or less deserving of the right to the responsibilities of marriage than anyone else simply because of their sexual orientation,” Sanders said.

Two years ago Sanders said he denied with gay marriage and believed that civil unions were “a fair alternative.” Tuesday he called civil unions a “separate but equal institution” and said that his ideas on this have changed.

Sanders recognized that not all community members will accept or understand his decision and fought back tears as he addressed these people.

“I do believe that times have changed, and with changing times and life experiences comes differing opinions,” Sanders said.

Columbus mayor has change of heart, signs gay marriage resolution —-DH

Fighting back tears throughout the press conference, Columbus Mayor Jerry Sanders announced Tuesday he would sign a resolution to allow gay marriage, reversing his stance during the election campaign.

“I’m trying to do what I believe is right,” he said.

Sanders said he wrestled with the decision and decided he could not “tell an entire group of people in our community they were less important.”

As late as Monday afternoon, Sanders said he planned on vetoing the resolution.

Among Sanders’ motivation to switch his stance were members of his family and staff who are part of the, would be, effected community.

“I couldn’t look any of them in the face and tell them that their relationship — their very lives — were any less meaningful than the marriage I share with my wife Rana,” Sanders said.

According to Sanders, he believed that civil unions were a fair alternative to marriage.

“The concept of a ‘separate but equal’ institution is not something I can support,” he said.

Sanders said people close to him who are part of the gay community influenced him.

“I have close family members and friends who are a member of the gay and lesbian community. Those folks include my daughter Lisa, as well as members of my personal staff,” he said.

For my 421 students–2nd story details

word count: 500-600
at least 3 sources interviewed on phone or in-person
all 3 must appear in story but only 2 have to be quoted directly
no friends
no e-mail interviews

Video/audio editing job opportunity

If interested and available, lemme know ASAP.

We are hosting a conference, trade show and industry garage sale in Columbus, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Dublin (just off of I-270) Feb. 17-19, 2011, NNEP 2011-15th Anniversary.

NNEP 2011 – Columbus
Embroidery Conference, Trade Show & Garage Sale
February 17-19, 2011
Embassy Suites Hotel – Columbus/Dublin, OH
“The Family Reunion of the Embroidery Industry”
Conference is Thurs/Friday
Garage Sale is Thurs/Fri/Saturday
Trade Show is Fri/Saturday


A few of the sessions are focusing on how to integrate social media, particularly video, into business websites. We are hoping to hire some students to do some of the video editing and/or shooting on Thursday afternoon and Friday on site if possible, under the direction of the session presenter and her assistant.

The hours for the video project would be Thursday, 3:45 – 8 PM, and Friday from 9 AM -1 PM. We have 4 video devices, from Flip Mineos up through professional grade video equipment and hope to use it all in a variety of ways.

We have some computers and would need to know what software should be installed if they want to use these systems to work with the files. If they have computers they would rather use, we are open to that as well. I guess some contact before the event with anyone that is coming onboard would help us prepare properly.

We probably can use at least 2 students and maybe as many as 4 students, depending upon the hours they would be available. This may be able to be a paid opportunity (usually based on project payment agreement, not minimum wage) and/or we can work with the faculty to see if this can be used towards coursework.

We also will be audio recording the sessions and would love to have the audio recordings cleaned/edited if possible during the event.

editor drill

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs warned students across the nation that repealing recent health care legislation would work against the college student’s interests in a press conference yesterday.

Students under the new Democratic-sponsored law can stay covered under their parent’s health care plan until they turn 26. Gibbs estimated 1.2 million young adults are affected by this decision.

“Graduates can make post-graduate plans that do not rely on their ability to find their own health care,” Matt Caffrey, president of College Democrats at Ohio State, said.

The law went into effect in March 2010.

Under the new health care plan, it is illegal for health care companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions under the age of 19. In 2012, no discrimination based on pre-existing conditions will be allowed regardless of age.

Some Republicans are afraid additional rules will result in additional cost.

“Costs are going to skyrocket,” Dave Ebersole, president of the Law School Republicans, said. “This [law] is going to cause a lot of other budget cuts and people are not going to like it.”

Also included in the new law are Medicaid expansion to those who earn up to 133 percent of the poverty line and insurance exchanges where small businesses and individuals can buy insurance.

“People want a bigger bang for their health care dollar,” Gibbs said.

However, many Republicans have not been pleased with the new law’s effects on the economy and business.

“It’s unconstitutional to have someone buy insurance they do not want,” Lisa Peterson Hackley, spokeswoman for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, said.

Gibbs estimated between 250,000 and 400,000 jobs could be lost each year if the current legislation is repealed by a Republican-controlled House.

Speaker of the House John Boehner does not agree with Gibbs, noting his own report that predicts up to 650,000 in job losses if the law stays in effect.

“By raising taxes, imposing new mandates and increasing uncertainty for employers and entrepreneurs, ‘ObamaCare’ is already destroying jobs in this country,” Boehner said in a press release issued earlier this month.

House Republicans, now with a majority of votes, plan to repeal the law tomorrow in a symbolic gesture against its allegedly unconstitutional nature. Due to Democratic control in the White House and Senate, most experts do not predict the repeal will have any direct effect on future legislation.

Democrats are not amused by this symbolic move by the Republicans.

“Republicans will pay the price,” Gibbs said. “We can not afford to go backward.”

Ohio, under the direction of Mike DeWine, has joined with 19 other states to repeal the law through judicial channels.

“By ignoring the constitutional limits on federal power, the health care law tramples on the rights of Ohio’s citizens,” DeWine said in a press release last week.

President Obama, in a statement issued after the conference call, applauded health care reforms effects. “The American people have greater health security than they did a year ago,” Obama said.

The Dispatch reporter who discovered Golden Voice coming to campus Thursday!!

Dorel Chenoweth III of the Columbus Dispatch will be joining us from 11:40 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday in 220 Journalism to talk about his discovery of Ted Williams, the Golden Voiced homeless man, and how that story went viral. Please feel free to join us.

Feeature stories

PAID Summer internships across the USA!

Here is the link: http://www.patch.com/jobs

Here are the details:

If you’re interested in spending this summer working for one of the fastest-growing, most collaborative and most innovative companies on the web, then we want to hear from you!

Please note that these positions are not limited to the city listed on this job description; assignments will be made when an offer is extended. Please submit an application (below) for the regions for which you would like to be considered and indicate on your application the order of your preferences and/or a specific site assignment request.

How to apply:

Upload or enter a resume (please include all journalism related work, including volunteer, internship and campus media experience) and paste or enter a one-page cover letter explaining why you are interested in joining us at Patch and what you would bring to our team. In your cover letter, please include links to three-five work samples, if available. If work samples are not available online, please email them as .pdf files to internships@patch.com. In the subject line of your email, please include your first and last name.

Upon submission, you will be emailed a Patch Summer Internship Application Form with further instructions.

Browse the job descriptions below and submit an application by February 7th, 2011 to be considered.

Summer Editorial Intern: Midwest
Summer Editorial Intern: Northeast
Summer Editorial Intern: South (GA, FL)
Summer Editorial Intern: West Coast (CA, WA)

A challenge from UCLA writers!

The gauntlet has been thrown down before you. The UCLA English Department and their students are now submitting short stories for The Eerie Digest magazine. How would your students compare with them.

See this month’s issue of our on-line Mystery and Hollywood Insider’s magazine, The Eerie Digest, at http://www.eeriedigest.com . See if your schools are up for the challenge. If so please offer your student’s stories as well. They also will be published for all of Hollywood, and the world, to see for FREE.

Warmest regards,

Joseph J. O’Donnell, Publisher

The Eerie Digest