Crime and the News Media

Couple big stories in the post-exam world. Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years….another fence jumper at the White House.

DUE 9-25 Are CSI and other crime shows really what it’s like to investigate a crime scene? Do an online search for “crime fighters.” You get everything from a list of unusual TV’s sexiest…to video games… and even a local TV station’s reports. On a much more serious note, a sad example what happens when crime fighters/protectors/enforcers do not do any of those things.

DUE BEFORE EXAM: Supreme Court is in session. The biggest news so far. Other stuff on their agenda.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  One case where public used social media to help police ID suspects in a hate crime. Utah police are using social to help solve crimes, connect with citizens. Social media and Ferguson.  Remember Bigggggg Mike? Lantern story that was exception to most social media rules.

Recent commentary about the federal shield law for journalists we discussed in class.

Most common crimes committed in the U.S., according to the FBI.

Coverage of Michael Brown/Ferguson unrest. So many angles here. What do you think the media has done well? Poorly? Police not happy with media coverage. Big ratings for cable networks. A decent overview and analysis about whether the officer will face charges. Some Fox News coverage gets tense.  Daily Show weighs in.

An American was beheaded and the video was available for viewing. How media reacted.

ETHICS: Any of you use Whisper? You should read this. Should the media ever name victims/survivors of domestic violence/sexual crimes?  OK to publish mug shots of drunk drivers?  Looking at the ethics involved in coverage of Trayvon Martin case. Dept. of Justice has a video about media coverage of crime/victims. Background on this story covered by OSU alumna.

MINORITY COVERAGE:  Here are some examples from my career. It’s payback time for those of you who have been waiting for a chance to edit/grade me…before SEIs, of course!

Who is the NYT typical reader? Do they simply not care about people without money? Police bust man through social media.

Another mug shot gone viral. This example is much more family friendly….but there is controversy!! There were changes in White House perimeter security.

ADVERTISERS: Top 50 shows of 2013-14 by ratings/viewers. How much do advertisers pay for 30-second spots during crime shows? What do you think of this related to timing of negative political ads?

Hollywood bigwigs take on Washington Post columnist about piece related to campus shooting.

Aaron Hernandez coverage. Here’s a timeline of events.

Some lighter examples: Real Housewives stars going to prison.

Friends star helps cops in stabbing case.

Justin Bieber? Yes. Justin Bieber.

John Walsh video.

White House may get a taller fence…among other security measures. Bill Cosby all over the news. Your thoughts?

Choices for the Group projects

Richard Jewell; Casey Anthony trial; George Zimmerman trial; Jodi Arias trial; Ariel Castro; Whitey Bulger; Michael Vick; DC snipers; Bernie Madoff; BTK killer.



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