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There’s this “poll” from the Wash Post that I bet many of you will find interesting. I know I did.

ABC no longer paying for interviews. Wait. What????

This is a CNN employee talking about Fox News. You agree with him?

This is online only news site that actually made $$$ but closed anyway. What can you learn and apply to your media organization?


Basic b-cast writing!

These are very basic rules for broadcast-style writing. As you’ll see, many of them have been adopted when different people and groups write for the Web, blog, etc.

1. Use active, strong verbs and the present tense is OK if it flows properly in context.

2. Attribution comes first. Joe Doe says….. In print style, we usually put attribution at the end: Blah, blah, blah, said Joe Doe.

3. Phonetic spellings of complex names/words. My last name might look like this on a broadcast sheet: Kat-er-in-eek-ee-uh

4. Short, simple sentences. Even more important in broadcast because someone is reading these words/sentences aloud on camera, into a mic, etc.

5. Rarely use direct quotes. If you must, keep them short, even 2-3 words instead of a complete sentence.

ANOTHER freelance writing opportunity for students near Columbus!

The Columbus Messenger Newspapers are looking for part time free lance
reporters to cover government community meetings and write various feature
and news stories. Photography experience is helpful.

The Columbus Messenger publishes in print bi-weekly and maintains news
updates on its website at We have five newspapers
– Southeast (Groveport and Canal Winchester), Southwest (Grove City),
Eastside (Reynoldsburg and Pickerington), Westside (West Columbus) and
Madison County.

Send resume and clippings to me at or by mail to
Rick Palsgrove, managing editor, Columbus Messenger, 3500 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204.

Freelance writing opportunity for student journalists…and they pay!

I wanted to reach out to you about a potential opportunity for journalism
students to contribute to Student Health 101, the online health and wellness

Student Health 101 is primarily a student-written publication, as a way to
help students better manage the pressures they’re under, from managing
stress to money to eating well at university and much more. Currently,
Student Health 101 is published each month to over 1,000,000 students in
Canada and the United States, at 350 different colleges and universities.

In case you haven’t seen Student Health 101 before, you can see an example
online at

We’re currently looking for freelance student journalists and authors to
write features and shorts on health issues that are of concern to students.
Mainly, we’re looking for writers with excellent reporting skills who can
work under a deadline. Writers are hired on a freelance basis and paid a fee
per article, based on article length and difficulty of the subject matter.
Feature stories are 1,250 to 1,500 words, while short features are 500 to
600 words.

We normally request that students submit a resume and at least two writing samples to be considered for an assignment for Student Health 101.

Dan Wolman
Student Health 101
866.636.8336 x1105

SPJ Code of Ethics


Definitely something we will be talking about here. I want to know what you all think.

Lots of media management/content delivery/technology stuff here

How would you incorporate mobile into your media organization? Who gets in trouble when things go wrong?