Media Management

FOR GROUP PROJECTS: CJR’s ‘Who Owns What’ page. SEC filing page is here. 10Q is quarterly earnings. 10K is annual report. DEF 14A is executive compensation. Some help here on how to dig through SEC filings.

LeBron James making news and he wasn’t directly involved. The aftermath resulted in a suspension at ESPN and free coverage!   Big deal in NBA broadcast rights.

Ever OK to unpublish? CJR says no and looks at a recent decision by the Dispatch.


Check out this native advertising by NYT for Netflix show.  Former NYT editor has moved on to the next thing.

Confidence in the news media is…. not good. DUE 9-2

Good explainer on native advertising. Will your company use it? Will your company produce such content? At least one exec at the WSJ is against it. But apparently it is popular. Very popular in some places. DUE 9-4

The changing face of the media. Print reporter leaves solid job to start own site and expects to be even more successful. Is print dead DUE 9-9

Editors being fired rarely big news outside media circles. But this was national news when it happened and the aftermath. Remember our talk about the importance of copy editors? Look at the correction from this NYT story! DUE 9-11

Should news outlets pay for news? Did you all hear about this Urban Outfitters/Kent State controversy? DUE 9-16

How do you feel about comments on media websites? Some outlets are ending or seriously restricting them. Another part of the media evolution. DUE 9-18

How many TV channels do you  get? How many do you watch? How many people pay for digital news vs. subscribe to Netflix? Surprised? DUE 9-23  Did you hear about this???

Tribune buying TV stations in a big way. Is this the future of the company? Appears so because the newspapers are being spun off. Gannett latest media leader to spin off print into separate company. DUE 9-25

ESPN has more competition than ever. Does it matter? Fox Sports 1 faces questions heading into year 2. CBS Sports Network will have an all-female talk show. DUE 9-30

“Meet the Press” has a new host. Will it matter? Do you watch shows like this on Sunday morning? Do your parents? Grandparents? There is big money in online video. YouTube is the biggest. Layoffs announced at the NYT. Why? Control costs. DUE 10-2

Net neutrality? Yes, you need to know what it is and what it could mean for the media. Native ads running in print? Yes. DUE 10-7

Should YouTube be worried about Twitter and others taking some of its ad $$? Facebook is big and making lots of money…even if you all are using it less. DUE 10-9

Vox, Vice, BuzzFeed, Upworthy…what’s next? What will survive? Ever heard of Medium? The President has. Ever watched shows on any of these? Did you know that Comcast is trying to buy Time Warner?? You should, especially since the TW shareholders approved of the deal last week. DUE 10-14

How some magazines’ photo editors use Instagram. Hulu may cut back on ads. Newsroom diversity = bleak picture. Maybe better at the college level, at least from a gender standpoint.  DUE 10-16

Mergers, acquisitions, takeovers…oh my! And one giant buys another=Apple-Beats. Amazon paid almost $1B for Twitch. How many of you have ever used it? DUE 10-23

Politics, campaigns, etc. are covered extensively by the media and can mean big $$ for media companies, especially in election years. Daily Show does some nice work calling out the media for horse race coverage of politics. One example. DUE 10-28  Political ad in The Lantern caused a stir a couple years ago.

Billionaires and their influence on politics and the media. Speaking of advertiser influence on the media… DUE 10-30

Interesting use of Snapchat. LeBron comes home blows up social media. DUE 11-4 NFL still drawing huge TV ratings despite off-the-field issues. Dangers of social media strike again…in golf. But you can have fun, ask MJ.

What will your company’s social media guidelines be for employees? Some big names getting in trouble for doing really dumb/offensive stuff. How are strategies already changingDUE 11-6  Remember this reporter? She’s very happy after a certain vote in Alaska.

Ethics, safety, national security, expert reporting. This is interesting on many levels. DUE 11-13

More on Net Neutrality from President Obama…and then the analysis of what FCC will do.

Network ratings so far this year. NBC/CBS buoyed by football. But people keep cutting the cord.

How many of you have ridden on the Uber train? What do you think of this?

Familiarity with media brands. Any surprises here?

Sassy corporate tweets. More Uber stuff here and here.


Media Manager presentation dates/people:

9-25: Decker, Lance, Lewis     9-30: Won, Jackson     10-2: Hickman, Drack   10-7: Wiland, Bouttel

10-14: Aleks, Hollewa       10-16: Ream, Hucek        10-23: Hollings, Laney     10-28: Cole, Furbee   10-30: Nina, Hope

11-4: Joey B., Amber      11-6: Shannon, Julia    11-13: Lieser, Kremer   11-18: Grega, Hami   11-20: T.Powell




11 R 12/4  GROUPS PRESENT GROUPS 1-2 presentations
16 T 12/9 Groups continue presenting GROUPS 3-4 presentations.
Finals W 12/17 10 a.m. Finish group projects/ Turn in final papers GROUPS 5-6 presentations. Final papers due!

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