Lantern finalists for best story of the semester

Ritika’s piece on Yifan Gu, the student hit by a bicyclist earlier in the academic year.

Mark’s article on the tennis team securing a 10-year home winning streak.

Maggie’s story about the ski club and some issues it had over winter break.

Getting a job

This will NOT help you get or keep a job. Being a member of a group and then writing something endorsing another member for government office.

Some very useful tips, others less so, but all worth thinking about before the interview.

Network!! Look and listen!! Don’t be intimidated by “requirements.” Can I live with this? Stay humble but hungry.

Here is a great post on tools you can use to make yourself stand out when applying for a job. And note what he says: RESUMES SHOULD BE ONE PAGE! JUST ONE! ONLY ONE!

Interview tips:

Be early.

Dress nice.

Do your homework on the company, the people….and the competition.

Take notes.

Have questions, even basic ones. Examples: typical work day? Why do they work there? Highlight this year? Goals?

If you’re stumped, stall effectively.Examples: Restate the question. Tell you what it won’t be.

Eye contact.


Bring examples.

Always bring ideas.

Please and thank you.

Follow up.

Ask for feedback either way.


What does the future hold?

This CNN show that we watched Jon Stewart destroy…clearly was not the future.

Is this the future? Using Instragram in the NYT? Vine 6-second videos to report the news? Some more on Vine: attack ads.

Corrections like this one? Cool or condescending?

Devoting entire front pages/sections/papers to one topic: is this the way to go?

Do you think about and answer all of these when pitching/planning a story? Me neither.

Do you any of these words that journalists like, but people rarely use? Me neither….maybe sometimes.

Some tweets likely made sure this guy’s future was not at Microsoft!

Perhaps this is the future: White House reporters asking questions based on rap lyrics.