Downside to paywalls; cuts at Spin; Twitter hoax gets NYT; more news in New Orleans

This paper in SC went to paywall 2 years ago and now sites for local TV stations are getting more pageviews, forcing a shift in the paywall model.

Spin’s new owner announces layoffs and a timeout in print publishing after next issue. Look who got axed and who didn’t.

WikiLeaks targets NYT editor with fake statement and the NYT falls for it.

More competition for news in New Orleans.

WaPo standards on quotes; lessons from a fired editor; ad pages rise in some mags; online video growth; NYT quarterly results; Soros super pac

What do you think of the Washington Post’s new rules on quotes, etc?

Some good advice and lessons from this journalist/media manager who was fired from a job 20 years ago.

Some magazines here in the US seeing jumps in ad pages, though not quite as high as what we saw in China.

Online video growing at both NYT and WSJ.

Lots of boring business stuff in quarterly reports, but lots of important boring stuff. Here is NYT report and the stuff on digital is promising.

Super PACs can quickly get boring if you’re not a political junkie, but this one is interesting for what it wants to do and who is behind it.

Updates on.. NO reporter who sent email and quote approval. New stuff on overseas print demand and live tweeting ethics.

Reporter who sent scathing email to bosses in New Orleans got a meeting with the bosses. And another paper sees an opportunity to fill the daily void in the Big Easy.

McClatchy DC bureau won’t be changing quotes. But McClatchy also made some news, then deleted it, after political pressure.

Print may be struggling here, but at least one niche is doing well in China: fashion mags.

Is live-tweeting something between 2 private citizens ethical? AP has updated rules for live-tweeting news events.

Tragedy in Colorado

Story continues to evolve. Number of dead reported was originally 14 by many outlets, but that was based on police. Now it is 12. 50 injured.

Obama, Romney other politicians, and Warner Bros. react.

Online and social media elements everywhere.

CNN and the big 4 news networks already tweeted that Anderson Cooper, Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, etc will be broadcasting from Aurora live tonight.


Viacom/DirecTV deal; more problems at Journatic; don’t forget unions’ role in print/digital; verify everything; AP offering a print product?

Viacom and DirecTV got the deal done.

The one quote in here, and the scene in which it was said, are great. Issues at Journatic not so great.

Human resources are expensive. Unions still very much in play at media companies. Negotiating is NEVER fun.

Verify everything!! EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

My former employer, the AP, is offering a print product? PRINT? Yep.

You spoke…I listened. Here is what you sent me to discuss

Proud and not surprised that my former employer is not doing the whole approve quotes in advance dance.

Women were making big moves this week in media management. Many of you noted Yahoo’s new CEO. There was also a first at the New York Times. And this headline about women did NOT work.

At least this reporter checked before running the story. But that does not make the question any less embarrassing.

More YouTube advertising.

Conan O’Brien blasts local TV news for doing the same story!!!

Viacom and DirecTV keep battling, but there is some movement. Jon Stewart rips into Mitt Romney and the dispute between his corporate parent and the cable provider.

The most liked social media site? It may surprise you.

More details emerge on the

More on plagiarism among college students/interns and professional journalists.

Big shift at MSNBC; trouble at 1 online co.; biz schools teach crisis comms; quote approval on campaign trail; future on online ads?

Microsoft and NBC split….meaning the end of

Trouble for one new “online journalism” company.

Would you allow this quote approval practice at your media company?

Business schools teaching crisis comms to help next generation of corporate leaders.

Is the future of online ads? Big production and distribute on YouTube?

Some good news for the news biz; sweet spot for FB/Twitter posts; PSU scandal note

Lots of good stuff in this 11-point list about some positive trends for the news business. This article will definitely be on the midterm.

Media outlets need to find the sweet spot for Facebook and Twitter posts. This study shows the way.

Media management at its  most basic here.


Conflicts of interest; give credit where due; Dispatch paywall; TV newsrooms grow; Conde Nast changes; Net audience global

Would this agreement be OK in the media organization you’re creating? PR org weighs in and it ain’t good for the reporter/PR person.

Globe gives credit…a little late to some other outlets.

Your hometown paper has set up a paywall. What do you think of this approach?

We saw earlier this week that public confidence in TV news is down, way down. But the stations are staffing up and mostly profitable!

Conde Nast (GQ, Vanity Fair, Lucky) integrating print and digital…and lets go some of the old guard as digital bosses take over.

Here are some numbers for Internet users in Europe earlier this year. Some data on US viewers of online videos.

Spin sold; papers drop print editions; CNN audio; Viacom/DirecTV fight; confidence in TV/papers drops; more stories=more subscriptions

Spin magazine has been sold. Does its print edition, already scaled back, have a future?

Small paper in Alabama known as an innovator in community journalism, ending its Monday print issue.

CNN has launched a new product for its AUDIO content. What do you think?

DirecTV and Viacom are fighting and 20M subscribers missing some channels/shows.

Public not loving TV news….or newspapers much either.

This seems obvious, but good to know that people will pay if they see content and lots of it.