Paid internship in Pennsylvania–$500/week


More paid journalism internships!

Robert Dilenschneider Distinguished Alumni Friday

For those of you more interested in PR/marketing, you should come next week and meet this alum. It is 4-5, next Friday. Let me know if you can come.

Paid journalism internship…in DC…with SPJ!!

Lantern archives all the way back to the 1800s!

Could be some cool story ideas in here. Check out what The Lantern was reporting exactly 20 years ago. 30. 100!

Hat tip to Jimmy O.

Interestd in getting paid to do restaurant reviews?

If so, come talk to me about it. We have a had a request and there is $$$ to be made. I’m not sure how much, but who cares!

Funny stuff here

For those of you who are editors…those of you who want to be…and those of you who doubt how hard a job it can be, but also how rewarding.