Huge news and a huge mistake by major cable TV outlets…and News Corp splits in 2!

SCOTUS upheld the health care law. So how did this happen? And this too?

Things like this have happened before. And here are some more examples.

Daily Show had a field day with the cable news networks getting it wrong.

News Corp is splitting in two but the same guy will run both companies.

Lots of big news in the world of news!

News Corp. may split itself in two. What do you think about that? Here is some analysis compiled by Poynter to get you started.

A serial fabricator discovered in Connecticut. And this person went to Yale and was interning at the Wall Street Journal, when she got caught. Do you know these names: Janet Cooke, Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass?

Gannett says paywalls on newspaper websites are bringing in the bucks despite circ drops.

This new show on HBO is about the news and more than 2 million people tuned in to see its premiere. HBO put the whole first episode on YouTube!

Media Manager schedule/ SEC Edgar link for group projects

REMEMBER: All media manager presentations must be approved by me in advance. Your presentations will be given starting July 9 and ending July 27. You can pick the date, first come, first served.


Here is a link the SEC Edgar page where you can find all kinds of great information about your media companies for your group projects.

Who owns what…job cuts as profit enhancer…public radio dominance…and your moment of zen

Here is a link to CJR’s Who Owns What resource.

Can you guess what would be the “money” quote in this short story about staff cuts at Sports Illustrated?

Half of all public radio listeners do so to very few of the 350 shows offered. How few? Here you go.

Ethics in a newsroom. Are you surprised? has launched Buckeye Nation. Are you surprised?

CBS Radio wants to compete with ESPN Radio after NBC launched its own complete sports network. Are you surprised?

SmartMoney magazine is going all digital and jobs are being cut? Are you surprised?

Colbert’s take on some journalist layoffs late last year.

Welcome to Media Management!

Let’s dive right in and examine the various media management angles/motives/ramifications in these stories.

Lots of obvious ones here, but what about the less obvious?

The shift to digital is making believers out of dinosaurs, but will it work as a business?

The Oracle of Omaha owned one newspaper for many years, but is now buying them up when many others are fleeing. Why should we care?

Best story finalists

Katie’s story on the OSU rapper who opened for J Cole.

Aaron’s story on the redcoats at athletic events.

Allie’s story on the laser beam.