Journalism student gets sit-down with billionaire!

84 paid journalism internships!!

Let’s get some OSU students on this list next year!

Is this plagiarism???

Interesting ethical, other questions

Fact checking on TV shows:

Propublica: future of journalism?

Paper runs story written by team employee???

Always check sources…don’t just believe the resume! And tips help, too!

This story has some tremendous reporting. Note the use of FOIA. Note how long this guy had been in the public eye, and yet no one thought to check his war credentials….until now.

Maybe it wasn’t the “tremendous reporting” I thought it was after all! Check this out.

Your future in journalism…..

Here is one take from an editor in England. Think folks over there will come across the pond and compete with you? OF COURSE they will. Pay attention to the comments at the end, especially the one about young journalists going into job interviews without multimedia experience! Bad idea. Real bad.

Great story on power of heds in Digital Age…READ IT!!!

Cliche ledes!! Fair game for midterms

How many of these cliche ledes have you written this quarter? How many have you read?

Rules for speech/event stories—-421 and 422 students!!!

Should be at least 4 in-person interviews and at least 3 of them quoted directly. You may do follow-up interviews on the phone or even over e-mail, but those should be made clear in the story and on the contact sheet.

Word count should be between 800-1,000 words.

All the normal rules on formatting, setting the scene, objectivity, no interviewing friends, etc. still apply.

Any questions, lemme know.

Speech story for 421

Check this out. You’ll be glad you did.