Finalists for best story of the semester

Dylan’s story about a new home for the Mirror Lake ducks.

Leisa’s story about a hat tradition that’s 100 years old.

Bree’s column about her dad’s deployment.

Getting a job!

Network!! Look and listen!! Don’t be intimidated by “requirements.” Can I live with this? Stay humble but hungry.

Here is a great post on tools you can use to make yourself stand out when applying for a job. And note what he says: RESUMES SHOULD BE ONE PAGE! JUST ONE! ONLY ONE!

A very prominent alumna passed this along for me to share with you all.

Interview tips:

Be early.

Dress nice.

Do your homework on the company, the people….and the competition.

Take notes.

Have questions, even basic ones. Examples: typical work day? Why do they work there? Highlight this year? Goals?

If you’re stumped, stall effectively.Examples: Restate the question. Tell you what it won’t be.

Eye contact.


Bring examples.

Always bring ideas.

Please and thank you.

Follow up.

Ask for feedback either way.


Variety of journalism topics to discuss

What do you think of ESPN’s interview/terms with Janay Rice?  Or the Today Show’s “exclusive?”

Interesting feature here from the Dispatch, but you all should have known it was coming!

Another example of social media getting “communication professionals” in trouble.