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What do you all think? Is sending a text 30 mins. before the game wrong? Is texting a personal question wrong?

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Artists, designers and fans can now come together and share in a collaborative social and business process by creating and selling merchandise.

Soulblendr is an online website that creates a new social marketplace. It creates a commerce platform where musicians and talent of any kind can instantly engage
with fans and independent designers by customizing and creating band branded merchandise on demand.

“It creates a closed environment, where you can create custom merch (merchandise) with bands that you love,” Charley Hoefer, founder and chief music officer of Soulblendr told The Lantern.

Soulblendr believes that the future of merch and eventually all “authentic consumer goods” is at the intersection of independent design and consumer crowd sourcing. A kind of manufacturing ecosystem where any brand can work with
independent designers and passionate consumers to create, evangelize and sell great merchandise. Stuff that you, your fans, and any hip consumer will really resonate with, according to a press release.

“It is no risk to either party,” said Sasha Jordan, a Soulblendr designer from Los Angeles, Calif. “It is a nice combination of supply and demand.”

Jordan had a vintage 1964 Schwinn bicycle that she wanted to ‘deck out.’ She was not happy with the original bell that was on the bike, so she decided to design her own.

Soulblendr found Jordan off of an Internet website called that allows her to sell custom jewelry and bike accessories. They asked her to join Soulblendr and
create bike bells for a band that was already a part of their website.

“I just had a gut feeling to put Sasha with the band Iration,” Hoefer said.

“Iration is a hip reggae band from Santa Barbara, Calif. that promotes their fans to not drink and drive. The band encourages people to ride their bikes to concerts,”
Hoefer said. “So it was only smart to put the two together. To have the band’s fans be able to buy bike bells that have their logo on it is just really cool.”

“It (Soulblendr) gets you out there to different places and gets you shown to a whole new audience, that you would usually never have,” Jordan said. “Soulblendr works
really well with my product.”

The website has a blend of social tools and shared community features that helps everyone to succeed with a DIY merchandise strategy.

“We are passionate about creativity and people being successful as artists, independent designers and business people,” Hoefer said.

The website has products that are hand made to higher volume custom designs. The website just came about in July and has 24 bands and 44 designers.

“The site is really cool for bands, because you wouldn’t have to put up any money for merch,” said Kelly Kefauver, a saxophonist in a local Columbus band called the
Lost Revival.

Usually for example when you get tees, stickers or CDs made, you have to buy them first and resell them to fans, and pray to the gods of rock n’ roll that you get a fraction of your money back. That means you can get embroidered skullcaps, or
custom iPhone cases, or limited edition posters available to sell, and if no one buys them, it doesn’t matter, Kefauver said.

“Really the only drawback is the price of merch. The fan has to pay for the materials, the labor, the band royalty and the legal. The bands also don’t possess the merch,
so they can’t sell it at shows or give it away to gushing fans that already paid their cover,” Kefauver said.

“How many of those items designers and bands will actually be able to sell will definitely be based on the passion of the fans and the looseness of their pocketbooks,” Kefauver said.

“Basically, it’s a great idea for creating uncommon merch, and it’s nice that it takes the pressure off bands to design, create, buy, and promote items,” Kefauver said. has a video tutorial on how to get started and more about the process.

“It is a super fun, creative place with cool labels and very young hip artists,” Hoefer said. “We are wanting to explore, find more great student designers and get in front
of major university’s to put the word out. In the next 6 months we want to have 100 to 150 bands.”

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A study conducted by Ohio State professor of sociology, Zhenchao Qian, found that interracial marriage

between blacks and whites has been on the rise since 1980 in the United States.

Qian hypothesizes that the smaller the barrier between racial ethnic groups, the more likely they are to


Using about 3 million people from the U.S. Census Bureau, Qian was able to analyze the data and notice

changes in race relations over a period of almost 30 years.

While a white person is still most likely to marry another white person, this is likely due to the fact that

whites are still the majority population in many areas. This is true of almost all racial groups. Aside from

American Indians, in which about half marry whites, races are most likely to marry among themselves

than among other racial groups.

One possible reason for intermarrying different races is population size. If there are not many suitable

options for marriage within a race, a person might turn to other races to find a partner.

Another possible reason for interracial marriage is integration.

“American Indians tend to be more integrated over time, especially those who live in large cities and

metropolitan areas. They’re far more integrated than those living on reservations or tribes,” Qian said.

The same trend can also be seen with other races. If certain racial or ethnic groups stay in a secluded

community as opposed to an integrated city, they’re more likely to intermarry. Example: MTV’s “Jersey

Shore” in which the Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi, a tan guidette, seeks “gorilla juice heads.”

Socioeconomic status and education also play a role in interracial marriage.

“What we found is the more educated a person is, the more that person is involved in an interracial

marriage. This is not only true for minorities but also true for whites,” Qian said.

When people are educated about another culture or race, they are less likely to be ignorant and

integration becomes easier.

“My husband and I work with a group of young African American males on campus, and we listen

to their stories. Yes, ignorance still exists. … When you recognize it as ignorance it is easier to rise above

it. … Education, as always, is the key to fostering understanding and mutual respect,” Sheila Smith said

in an e-mail. Sheila is white and the wife of Gene Smith, Ohio State athletic director, who is black.

The most substantial increase in interracial marriages was among African Americans. In 1980 the rate of

interracial marriage was 3 percent and it rose to 10.7 percent by 2008.

Immigration can greatly affect interracial marriage rates. For instance, Qian noticed a slight dip in

interracial marriages among Asians and whites and also a minute increase in interracial marriages

between Hispanics and whites. This is likely due to the influx of Asian and Hispanic immigrants since

1980. People would typically like to marry someone with a similar cultural background, so the great

numbers of immigrants enabled this.

“There wasn’t a great increase in black immigrants into the United States, so the rise in black-white

intermarriages really suggests greater racial tolerance and a new openness to marrying outside one’s

own race. This suggests a weakening of the racial boundaries,” Dan Lichter, who conducted the study

alongside Qian and is a professor of policy analysis and management and sociology at Cornell University,

said in a press release.

Despite racial barriers being torn down, there is still a lot of work to be done toward complete


“With each generation, it seems that civil rights – human rights – for all people become

more embedded in the norm. It’s called progress,” Sheila Smith said in an e-mail.

As tolerance continues to grow, people become more educated on the about other cultures. With Ohio

State being such a diverse campus, it is a great way to assimilate other cultures.

“College campuses are really a place that there are a lot of opportunities for interracial contact and a

way for a better understanding of people’s different races,” Qian said.

Caitlin Po, a fourth-year in biology, echoes that Ohio State is a great place for cultural integration. Po’s

parents are in an interracial marriage.

“I think it is really important for understanding different people to understand the culture that they

come from, and one of the best ways that I’ve found (to do this) is through personal relationships,” Po


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Chobani is targeting families with a new campaign to promote its yogurt line for children, Chobani Champions. Can you find any of the new ads/messages? What do you think of them?

Read this story about a new/old message from Wendy’s. Let’s talk about it.

Link for the Best New Ad competition/assignment.


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