Finalists for best Lantern story of Spring semester

The first finalist was a deep dive into the archives to explore Ohio State’s history of mumps outbreaks.

Finalist #2 also deals with mumps. In this case, getting paid to sell plasma if you have the virus.

Third finalist examined the possibility of grade inflation at Ohio State. The media is a B+.

Comm 2221 Final Project

Choose one of the following:
– Roughly 800-word print feature, but must include a multimedia element and additional ideas for photos, graphics, audio, video, etc., and at least 4 sources, 3 of which require phone or in-person interviews;
– Produce a 90-second audio or video broadcast, complete with script; same rules for multimedia and sources.
– Combine the media in a roughly 400-word story paired with 45-second broadcast, audio or video; same rules for multimedia and sources.
– Sidebars, layout/design work and anything else you want to do beyond the requirements can earn you extra credit. But you must let me know what’s coming in advance.
– You may turn it in up to 5 days early for EC, one point per day.

The Power of College Media

This is in today’s NYT. B1G well represented. Here is one example from the aftermath of a Lantern story. Students at Otterbein have had to go the legal route.

A list of the Pulitzer winners. Just because.


Ethics for Comm 2221

Here is a link to the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics. Note the 4 key drivers.

This page from Pew has links to numerous media outlets’ ethics policies.

Real life real world examples are everywhere and happening daily. Here is one from last week involving a former U.S. president.

Another example from last month where a veteran, investigative reporter lost his job.