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COLUMBUS, Ohio, July. 16, 2014— Are you witty? Do you act on a whim? Do other people laugh at your jokes besides yourself? If this sounds like you, 8th Floor Improv Comedy Group could be what you need to develop your natural talent and have fun doing it.

Other than being hysterically funny and extremely well known on Ohio State University’s campus, 8th Floor Improv offers students the opportunity to practice comedy live. ‘Improv’ stands for improvisational comedy, which is a type of comedy where the people in the group act or speak based on their immediate response or how they feel in the moment.

The group currently has 15 members, but holds open auditions in early fall and spring for students interested in joining.

“I was a little bit afraid to audition in the fall of my second year, but I went for it,” said Rainey Fleming, a fourth-year student in strategic communications and member of the group. “During auditions, we look for people who are having fun up there and can laugh at themselves.”

Auditions are open to anyone to try out and no experience is necessary. Even most of the current members had never practiced improv until their auditions.

“Making the group has given me a great opportunity to expand my horizons in comedy,” said Flening. “If I hadn’t finally auditioned, I probably would still just be talking to my friends about how I wanted to do comedy instead of actually doing it.”

From witty banter, to skits and suggestions from the audience, 8th Floor Improv keeps their fans continuously laughing when they perform once a month in the U.S. Bank Conference Theatre in the Ohio Union. The shows are a must-see for any student interested in pursuing comedy.

“We offer something that no other group in Columbus or Ohio offers in terms of long-form improv,” said Eddie Greenblat, a 4th-year student majoring in history and president of the group. “Every time you come to a show, you will see different material.”

Aside from laughs, Eighth Floor Improv frequently travels to locations across the country to demonstrate their talents, including Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York City and more.

“The group has changed my life by offering me so many different opportunities,” said Greenblat. “It’s an absolute blast, I love it.”


8th Floor Improv Comedy Group was founded in the winter of 2004 and is now a leading comedy group in Columbus, Ohio. The group is comprised of Ohio State University students who all share a passion for comedy and making people laugh. The group performs monthly in the U.S. Bank Conference Theater of the Ohio Union. The group frequently travels across the country to participate in improv festivals and demonstrate their talents. The group currently has 17 members and is always eager to find new talent.

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