Press release basics…Comm 2321

All good press releases have the following:

*Strong headlines/email subject lines.

*Short and sweet and simple. No more than two printed pages.

*Targeting audience with relevant information. Audiences can be both internal (within a company/group/team) or external (the public).

*An “About” section.

*Easy to find and clear contact information.

*Multimedia elements, embedded links, other avenues for more information on the subject, the company, the person, the broader issue.

Is this a good press release? Anything missing? What about this one?

Your assignment due Friday must follow all of the rules above and a few more:

**Include at least two direct quotes and at least two embedded links on the blog.                                                                                 **Include a dateline with city and date, and make it the due date.                                                                                                     **List yourself as the contact person, but no need to use your real phone number.

Edit ruthlessly for style, grammar, punctuation.
Provide specific details.
Don’t just spell check: fact check and copy edit!

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