Memoir re-write notes. Profile assignment

Memoirs were not bad, but there were some common areas that need improvement. See below. And remember, rewrites can always benefit from: new lede; reorganization; follow-up or new interviews.

1. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!! That goes for formatting, word count, contact sheets, deadlines, etc.
2. Fully ID people! First and last name, age, occupation, major, year in school, hometown, etc. 3 identifiers.
3. More specific details!! Avoid cheap adjectives and adverbs in favor of detailed observations.
4. AP style
5. Short, simple sentences and paragraphs. Most paragraphs should be no more than 3 sentences. Better if they’re one or two.
6. AP style
7. Proofread and edit ruthlessly!


1. Must interview main subject in person or on phone for at least 15 minutes. Must also interview at least 2 other people about main subject via phone or in-person.

2. 600-700 words. All sources must appear in story. All must be quoted or paraphrased at least once. All normal rules about formatting, headers, contact sheet apply.

3. AP style counts.

4. No opinion. No interviewing your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. No email interviews.

5. Interview prep will be key. Have fun with it.

6. Profile, not a biography.

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