Meeting story rules/advice; some social media stuff, too… Comm 2221

*Must have at least 4 sources, speakers do count but you must also conduct interviews.
*700 words minimum and no more than 800.
*All normal rules apply, including Multimedia paragraph at the end. If you actually shoot photos, video, record audio and post to your blog = Extra Credit!
*You must attend the actual meeting.
*No conflicts of interest.
*Do your research. Provide context. Explain everything.
*Journalism, not stenography.
*Plan ahead.
*Edit ruthlessly.

Some examples of meeting stories. One from my former life. One from The Lantern.

***** I received two, unsolicited emails this week from people who were pointing out social media blunders, professionalism pointers because they know my classes focus on those a lot. So since they took the time to alert me, I’m sharing with you. The first is a politician who had a classic Twitter fail. The other is a professional communicator in Cleveland who had won awards for helping people get jobs. Her emails behind the scenes told a different story.


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