Comm 2221: Speech story rewrite tips

1. Always include full, formal names of people/companies/etc. on 1st reference. Don’t assume you know…LOOK IT UP!

2. Does it pass the McDonald’s test? In other words, explain/define everything. Context is important.

3. Get proof of names/IDs. Business cards, websites, social media.

4. Watch sentence/paragraph length. Mix it up. Pace is important for readers.

5. Decide what your story is about!!! Write in blocks and then figure out where they fit the best. Save different versions of the article for future use/editing.

6. Consistency in IDs, language, verb tenses, etc. is very important. Example: second year or sophomore, NOT both.

7. BEWARE OF OPINION!! It’s a speech so there is emotion from speakers and attendees. There should not be in your writing, unless in quotes or attributed material.

8. You can’t include everything. Cutting stuff out is painful, but necessary.

9. Know your best quotes. Make them fit if you can and where you can.

10. Take your reader along for the ride. Avoid awkward transitions.

** Potentially use email tracking software.

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