Comm 2221 — Check this out before submitting story #1

**Remember to include your headlines and a tweet.
**Short/simple sentences and grafs: Perfectly fine to have 1-sentence paragraphs and most should be no more than 2-3 sentences.
**Organization is important, starting with the lede of 35 words or less. Focus on the most interesting/newsworthy items.
**Transitions are a must. If person, scene, time or anything else changes, be sure to write a transition and take your audience along for the ride.
**AP style counts!!
**Punctuation of quotes is key. Only put inside the quote marks EXACTLY WHAT THE PERSON SAID!! Punctuation goes inside the quote marks, NOT outside.                                                             **If attributing without quotes, that is paraphrasing. You can summarize or change the words, but not the meaning.
**Kicker. Is there a good quote to end on? Not a requirement, but if you have one, use it.

Let’s dissect this Lantern story to illustrate/better understand these ideas.


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