COMM 2221– Let’s get into the news….and start writing

Where do we find news? How is it valued? To answer those incredibly important questions, you first need to ask one: who is my audience???


* 500 words. Must be more than 400 and less than 600 * At least 3 sources, and at least 2 quoted directly * No email interviews * No conflicts of interest * This is not PR * Focus on 5 W’s and H * AP style counts * Spell checking is not editing


The Hemingway legend is that his friends bet him, or he bet his friends, about the ability to tell a complete a story in 6 words. Here is what he came up with:

For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.

A bit of a downer, right?

Here are three I came up with. I tried to summarize how some of you might be feeling.

1. Tuesday through Friday class. Not fun.

2. Two days off every week? Yes!

3. Intimidating and scary but meaningful. Journalism.

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