Broadcast assignment specifics

Due Monday, July 8.

Full script written in broadcast style must be on your blog.

Must come in between 55 seconds and 1:05 to receive full credit.

Must either read it live in class or provide a link to video on your blog. If you choose the recorded version, you must let me know in advance and be prepared to talk about the process of making it.

Must touch on at least 3 of these areas: politics, weather, sports, entertainment, national news, international news, local OSU news.

Must be real and factual. Nothing made up.

Include transitions. Have fun with them, but remember: boring and accurate is better than sensational but wrong. Here is a list of ways a consultant says TV news can capture attention.

Give credit where it is due if you cite an exclusive story of some kind.

Pronunciation counts! Be sure to pronounce all names, etc. correctly. Failing to do so is like spelling the name wrong in print.

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