Errors are everywhere….

And you all are already finding them. The truth is this: the faster you start identifying mistakes or just edits in other people’s work, the faster you will start seeing them, avoiding the bad stuff, in your own. Self-editing is often the hardest thing for any writer. It’s even more difficult for young writers learning the ways of journalism and/or strategic communication.

This tweet  from my former employer has an obvious mistake.

Word spelled wrong in last sentence in this blog post.

General is spelled wrong here, which is really bad as it is also a title.

This line from your syllabus, while I could say was intentional for effect, was not. I’ll never lie to you all:  The importance of deadlines cannot be stressed enough. If the deadline for an assignment is 3 p.m., that means the copy must be in my hand by 1 p.m.

This one was ID’d by a media critic, but you all should know who Snowden is now:  MSNBC graphic just spelled it Booze Allen Hamilton. Company officials may need to get sloshed given PR nightmare of having employed Snowden


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