Assessing the media landscape

Start with some multimedia, specifically video, and a technique that you all can do is making a comeback.

We all make mistakes, many of them. The NYT made many mistakes in one story recently and then corrected them….all of them. Here is a piece about the show “Girls” with 3 names spelled wrong!

This mistake could prove to be costly for the student paper at Oswego, as we had discussed/predicted.

Story from the Dispatch about banned students and how different schools deal with them, disclose that info…or don’t.

A story by David Carr about Twitter that Sree says may be the best story about Twitter written.

Roger Ebert. RIP.

Daily Show goes after CNN.

Great example of social media reporting and fact-checking/verification. In this case, the resume on LinkedIn!

AP no longer use “illegal immigrant.” What do you think?

College newspaper gets suspended. What do you think?

This NYT obit got a lot of attention and then it changed. What do you think?

In your 20s? Do you pay for online content?

Images matter. This one is kind of amusing but could it be a serious mistake?


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