Welcome back, Lantern class! Let’s look at what you’re about to take on.


Send me an email with the raw copy you sent your editors. Subject line should be Section, Number of story.

For example: if Dan is filing his first story for Campus, the subject line would be: Campus 1.

If Joan is filing her 4th story for Sports: Sports 4.

Any questions, let me know.


A recap of the best (worst) media errors and corrections from 2012. Some are funny, many are sad, all could have been avoided.

What you need to know now about journalism as we start 2013.

A look at the business side of college media. Some interesting stuff here about apps, also The Lantern appears to be doing better than most.

Last year was a bad one for plagiarism and this story shows it is not always the young, inexperienced, stressed-out reporters who do it. Paper issued a front-page apology!

Want to write a memoir? You sure? Read this.

Top 10 Wall Street Journal stories of 2012.

A list of some of the best multimedia projects last year, led by the NYT project that had so many people buzzing.

Want to launch your own online magazine? Read this.

This tweet is from a reporter/columnist @SarahMaslinNir for the NYT:  Measuring a subway platform on your hands and knees in Queens and other things I never thought I’d do #journalism

Ignoring a significant part of personal history is not acceptable and this NPR piece explains why.

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