Ethics week for The Lantern

What do you think about this? Should Fox News and other TV outlets always ID contributors with this level of detail?

How about this one involving a Twitter battle between sports heavyweights: ESPN vs. Sports Illustrated.

Quote approval ever worth it? Even if it gets you access to POTUS that no one else has?

This one is much closer to home. It is disturbing but how you would have handled that headline? That story?

Thanks to Kate for passing this one along about a blogger who had his work stolen…but got revenge and $500!

Disclosure in Lantern stories. Here’s one on Rango.  Here’s another story and different way of doing it.

Athletic department policies on what reporters can report back in the news. OSU had a similar issue, kind of, a few weeks ago.

Interesting case of story evolution, disappearing quotes, etc.

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