Tediting checklist. Get it? Ted + editing = Tediting

Grammar and Spelling

Subject/verb agreement
Confusing use of pronouns
Forgetting the second comma in a pair

AP/Lantern Style

Attributing quotes (after first sentence)
Introducing sources on first reference
Use of quotation marks for titles of short works

Factual errors

Check spelling of names
Check days and times (good time to make sure you don’t use today/yesterday/tomorrow)
Check numbers
Check spelling of names again


Is lede too long?
Does it have a good action verb?
Is the most important information at the beginning?
Does the rest of your story logically follow from the lede?
Are you following inverted pyramid?


Look closely at adjectives and adverbs; if they’re evaluative, take them out

Writing style

Check length of paragraphs
Check length of sentences
Are you putting the subject of a sentence at the beginning?


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