You be the editor!

Spring Involvement Fair is a great annual event that students can find a student organization that meets
their needs and interests.

Due to bright and breezy weather, about 310 clubs and organizations are on the Oval to share what they
do with more than 1,000 students on Thursday from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

While 2011 fall Involvement Fair was held into the Ohio Union due to the rainy weather, many students
and student-organizations complained the overwhelming crowds and the cramped capacity of rooms.

In this spring Involvement Fair, they do not need to complain about it for the same reasons. Spaces are
spreading out and booths are well organized. Smaller numbers of student-organizations involved in this
fair than last fall fair.

Macey Wright, a second-year in English, said she had experienced two times of fall Involvement Fair and
this is her first spring Involvement Fair experience.

“Fall involvement fair is a lot bigger, but I like this better because it’s more spread out,” Wright
said. “I’ve signed my name upon couple clubs that I had never done that on fall Involvement Fair.”

Sarah Paetz, a first-year in undecided, also added that she likes this event because it is on the outside,
not in the Union.

“This one seems more organized and less crowded than the Union,” said Paetz. “The booth is spread out
so it’s easier to navigate.”

Brand new clubs and student-organizations show up the fair to recruit many members and raise
awareness of good purpose of the club.

The Boo Radley Society, which is named by a main character named Arthur Boo Radley from a novel To
Kill a Mocking Bird written by Harper Lee, was just started from this spring quarter.

The Boo Radley Society President Marygrace Ashdown, a second-year in marketing and art history, said
that Boo Radley is a very altruistic person who is trying to be good for the sake of being good. Inspired
by him, the Boo Radley Society is looking for dedicated and enthusiastic general members to help create
a fun and friendly atmosphere at the Ohio State.

“We are the random acts of kindness club at Ohio State,” said Ashdown. “We want to create a positive
atmosphere being kind and spreading kindness on campus. We are committed to make this university

The Wine Club is also a brand new special interest club.

The Wine Club co-President Shawnee Fisher, a third-year in strategic communications, said the main
goal of the wine club is to taste wine and learn about wine, beer, distilled spirits and wine business.

“Since we are a brand new club, we really want to get the word out for the club,” said Fisher. “There are
lots of traffics coming through here so it is a great way to promote our club. “

There is no age limit for joining the wine club.

“You have to be 21 to taste, but we are not denying less than a 21-year-old student coming to the
event,” said Fisher. “As soon as alcohol comes out the event, underage kids have to leave. But we want
everyone be able to have opportunity to learn about the industry and wine itself.”


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