Math, numbers, data….oh sh*!

Here is a link to the Labor Department data.

Here is the lobbying info.

Here is the Census Bureau starting point.

Want some energy info or gas prices? Here you go.

Looking for real estate records in Franklin County? BOOM!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: context and comparisons are key when dealing with numbers. Don’t just say 500,000 people lost their jobs. Don’t just the party cost $90,000. Show that 500,000 people live in Washington, D.C., and that’s like the whole city getting fired. Show that for the same amount as the party, someone could have bought 3 BMWs…maybe 2 fully loaded.

A WORD ON PERCENT VS. PERCENTAGE POINTS: If you’re bad at math, or just forget how to do a percent change calculation, use a website like this one.

But then are you trying to figure out a percent drop or percentage point drop. 90.2% to 80.2%. The percent drop is actually 11.1%…not 10!!!

90.2% to 80.2% dropped 10 percentage points, but 11.1%. I know, you like journalism so you could avoid this stuff, but IT WILL FIND YOU!

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