Journalism Fellowship!!!


In-Person, On-site Interviews


College juniors, seniors and graduate students enrolled in a related degree program as of Nov. 1, 2010, are eligible. Previous newspaper internships and/or experience on a college newspaper are preferred. You need to be committed to a career in news journalism.You must have reliable transportation and arrange for your own housing. We are an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. (more details available at:

Following applies only to in-person interviews conducted by PJF rep:

1.      A limited number of colleges, universities will be sites of in-person PJF interviews.

2.      Maximum of 8 students per school will be interviewed.

3.      College/university journalism dept. may select the 8 students or the school may allow students to self-select; check with your school’s adviser to learn its method of signup.

4.      In-person interviews do not replace the official application process, but provides PJF judges with supplemental information to consider along with the official application.

5.      Students who are interviewed in person, but who fail to submit their official application via mail will not be considered for a fellowship.

6.      Official application form, which may be downloaded from, should be mailed into PJF headquarters, not brought to the in-person interview.

7.      In-person interviews are limited to those who have class standing at the time of the interview as: junior, senior or graduate level students.

8.      Students interviewed in person should previously have:

a)      Worked in news journalism for minimum of 2 semesters on campus newspaper or on campus magazine (print and/or online editions).

b)      Worked in news journalism for minimum of a 1semester for-credit internship at an off-campus weekly, daily or magazine publication.

9.      Prefer, but don’t require, students having previously:

a)      Worked in news journalism for minimum of 4 semesters on campus newspaper or on campus magazine.

b)      Worked in news journalism for 2 or more semesters for credit internships at an off-campus daily newspaper.

10.  Freshmen/sophomores will not be interviewed in person. But upon school request, an informational-only Q&A group session can be arranged for a group of freshmen/sophomores.


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